Saturday, April 16, 2011

Drawing: Old Man Bronco

This is a sketch I did of one of my main characters I write fiction about, Brady "Bronco" Halligan. I drew it in my green Army notebook during an extra-boring staff meeting. I really liked how it came out so I put it on here and my deviantArt account. The date on the drawing is wrong.

Bronco Halligan in Burgas during the Bulgarian Civil War, 2073 A.D. He's relaxing with a bottle of beer here.


May 2072, married and settled at the age of 63, Bronco Halligan is attacked by old enemies from his time as a mercenary in Nigeria while driving with his wife to a birthday party. His car is hit by a rocket on the left side. Shannon Halligan was driving, and not much is left of her. Bronco loses his entire left arm and shoulder and suffers severe lacerations on the left side of his face, losing his left eye and much of his outer left ear. Emergency surgery and cybernetic implants save his life. The same attackers have drained most of his various bank accounts and he goes into debt with the private hospital for his surgery and prosthetics. Bronco quickly becomes desperate for work, going back to his old contacts for mercenary jobs, despite his thirteen year old promise to his now-dead wife that he would never fight for money again. Not only does he need to pay his medical bills, he has to put all four of his legitimate daughters through college and continue paying child support for his six illegitimate daughters.

September, the Bulgarian Civil War sparks off between the long-dominant Socialist Party and the National Party. The Nationals are led by Prince Beltran Borisov Sakskoburggotski, with General Valko Tsvetanov, the Director of National Intelligence, as his right-hand-man and supreme military commander.

January of 2073, Valko contacts his old friend Bronco who fought with him as a mercenary during the Balkan Wars of the late 2030's. Bronco puts together an elite mercenary team of forty-three that he calls the Heimdall Group after the Norse god of Vigilance. He and his group help train the National Party militia as well as act as a direct-action special forces unit. Bronco himself is a Special Military Adviser to the Prince.

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